We empower organisations to deliver effective ministry

OneSheep provides strategic, creative and technical insight to ministries. We then innovate, design and build mobile apps, websites and other digital services and products to enable great ministry success.

Meeting Jesus

Meeting Jesus

Our heart’s desire is more people meeting with Jesus – seeing their lives and hearts changed to love and follow Him.

Everything we do is to serve and empower ministries that share this passion, so they can accomplish their part in the Great Commission. In short, we serve those who serve the King.

In Partnership

In Partnership

Partnership and collaboration isn’t just a current trend or a way to cut costs, it’s mandated and we believe it’s part of the life blood of doing mission.

Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs for a reason; together they could achieve more, go further and bring Him more glory.

Using Technology

Using Technology

We live in the age of communication technology – with massive impact on every corner of our world. This gives us the biggest opportunity to reach more people than any other generation.

We know how to understand, design and deploy technology appropriately in the wide diversity of the missional world, and we long to see more ministries seizing the potential.

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    • We established OneSheep to serve and help ministries ‘figure out the rapidly changing digital landscape’. We know missions and we know technology inside and out.
    • We can help with strategic planning
    • We can build mobile apps and other solutions
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    • OneSheep is like an accelerator, supporting OneSheep allows us to bring huge ‘value add’ to other ministries and help them reach and engage people for Christ right around the world.
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