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We innovate, design and build digital solutions so you can change the world. We are OneSheep.
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You know your mission. It changes lives and has potential to change the world. It’s your calling, your passion it drives everything you do.

We know design thinking and the right application of technology can solve problems, amplify your mission and make the good you do, better.

Together we’ll explore, ideate, design, test, and iterate, to get proven results and achieve measurable success.
Some of the incredible organisations we're helping Do Good. Better.
Apage UK IFES CPOCAP UK Apage UKOMF InternationalLCMOur Daily BreadOperation WorldUCCFUnfoldingWord
Follow our story as we serve organisations to do good, better. Hear success stories, discover the processes we use and gain insights that you can apply to your mission.
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