5 Tips for Project Success with Trello

5 tips for succeeding with Trello and powering up your project management.

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Localizing Xamarin.Forms apps when using a shared project

This winter we built a cross platform app for Langham Preaching using Xamarin Forms… but how do you make it multilingual?

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How to schedule cron tasks via commands in Laravel 5.4

Laravel allows you to set up custom commands that can be executed via Artisan, it’s command line utility…

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Dropping in content with pjax

Pjax is a jQuery plugin that uses ajax and pushState…

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Scripting LibreOffice with Python

Here's what we learnt working with Python and LibreOffice's Universal Network Objects component model

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Less is more, when it comes to the Bible

Transitioning to a more paper-less existence, I wrestled with the concept of reading the bible in digital form…

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