How to choose a tech partner

Undoubtedly there is a growing sense that ministries should harness technology to venture deeper into the cyber-connected-media-social world of today’s unreached… but how do you find the technology partner to support you?

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Email Verification middleware with Laravel

Laravel is awesome in too many ways to mention and enabling email verification is a real breeze…

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A Bible app focused on design and reading

A couple of years ago I came across NeuBible. The first clue this was going to be good was the fact I discovered it, first, through a secular business and innovation focused media outlet

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The Bot Evangelist

Around me is the fast tapping and fast talking of hackathon buzz. Here in Katowice, Poland, I’m visiting the first Code for the Kingdom Hackathon to happen in Poland, where there is a bot evangelist in the making.

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The Power of User Experience

A good example of first impressions and how a UX covers more than just UI, but also how the initial UX sets the standard for things to come…

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2015 Ministry Review

2015 has been a busy year for OneSheep and we've worked with incredible organisations and ministries this year…

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