Tools of the Trade – SaaS

A lot of software is moving to the cloud, so much so that if you want to find an online service there are a daunting amount of options, especially in the productivity space. I’m often asked what we use and why, so here’s a brief post on that.

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What's all that about WhatsApp?

450 million people will already know everything you're about to read, but the majority of them are not sitting comfortably with fast broadband service viewing their content on a nice big screen or even laptop…

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Verbal – Voice Internet

It’s often hard to conceive the fact that 70% of the worlds population is not online. Think about it, that’s almost 5 Billion people, not using the internet. Why? Here are a few top reasons…

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How kids can tap into the Bible…

Can technology help God’s word come alive, and let the little children come to Him? How do we help kids have fun engaging with the Bible?

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Theology, Intimacy, Future – Technology & Mission in Africa

What are the possibilities for technology in Africa for Christian Mission?

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Social Media Workshop at Africa by Radio

Social Media is not another Broadcast – it’s a conversation.

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