iOS 7 Radical Change, Reassuring Familiarity and honouring God in Design

Far too many ministry projects have no care for the look and feel, usability and overall effect on the user that they have. At OneSheep we are striving to change this…

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The Evolution of Mobile Interface Design

It’s been nearly six years since the world became familiar with gesture based interaction, when pinch to zoom became common place…

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Web Project Workflow

It’s not perfect, it won’t be right for everyone or every situation, but will hopefully be a good starting point as you think through the steps of your next digital project.

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Content is King, but Apps are Ace!

We all know great content is the basis of many of our online ministries, but it’s easier said than done…

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Digital Ministry - Return on Investment

There's the anecdotal quip often made that if you added up all the stats from ministries around the world, we’ve saved the world for Christ five times over… but how do you measure the ROI of digital ministry?

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Inside Look: Relaunch

From conception to our final product we want to share the ups and downs, the lessons, problems and solutions we’ve found along the way.

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