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Social Media Workshop at Africa by Radio

So recently I had the pleasure of being invited to run an Introduction to Social Media workshop at the Africa by Radio Continental Convention. By all accounts it seemed to go down pretty well, as we looked at Social Media from a Radio Station perspective.

We started with a little game, where one person from the audience has to drink as much water as they can, being poured from above by someone else. (Thanks Chris for stepping up and being a wet and willing volunteer!). We then shared out soft drinks to everyone else.

What was the point of all this, well to simply give a visual metaphor for the difference between Broadcasting and Social Media, or in Media Theory terms, Push verses Pull Media.

Following up with a diagram that shows the difference between broadcasting, traditional feedback and the social network space. With this underpinning you start to get a visual sense of what’s going on in the online world and on social media and just how different the content and conversation is from traditional radio.

Talking specifically about social networks the overall take home was that Social Media is not another Broadcast – it’s a conversation.

We looked at choosing which social networks and why, and then how to focus and get the best out of them.

While there is no golden rule or secret formula for Social Media, we looked at some broad Do’s and Don’ts and wound up with a great set of discussions in groups looking at these three questions.

  • What are you doing right now?
  • What has worked well?
  • What has failed?

I’ve had a few request for the slides from this talk so here they are in a couple of formats. Take your pick and I hope they serve you well and bless you social media endeavours.

Social Media Workshop – Apple Keynote File

Social Media Workshop – PDF File

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 by Sam Peckham

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