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Theology, Intimacy, Future – Technology & Mission in Africa

What are the possibilities for technology in Africa for Christian Mission?

This great question was presented to us by the Africa by Radio group of ministries as they invited OneSheep to come and speak at their recent Continental Convention in Kenya.

Here is the full presentation (audio and slides). We slightly overran our allocated time, but this version with the pauses edited out shows we were actually a little short of the 55 minute slot we were given!

We built our talk around three sections, Theology, Intimacy, and Future, and we suggested that radio stations should no longer see themselves in the same old way if they are to survive what digital media is doing to the communication landscape.

We express great thanks to John Dyer for his work and deep thought into much of what we have discussed in this talk. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Please grab a copy of his book – From the Garden to the City.

We hope those who found this talk helpful will explore the rest of this blog as well for useful links, resources and further thoughts.

Posted on Sep 19, 2013 by Sam Peckham

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