The Prayer App

Share prayers. Know when you’re prayed for. See when prayers are answered. Be encouraged.

Start a movement.


Prayer brings encouragement. Answered prayer inspires. Prayer stirs our souls and is used by the Holy Spirit to draw us nearer to God. Prayer works to transform us to be more like Jesus.


Encourage prayer life and incredible things happen.


Perfect Sharing

The Prayer App uses circles to allow you to control exactly who receives your prayer requests. You have total privacy over your prayers and only you can see who they are shared with. You can create a circle for any context you choose, be it family, church friends or small group. You control whether you join or leave a circle, and all circles are independent of each other.


Real Encouragement

Feedback is at the heart of what makes The Prayer App so special. Share a prayer request and you’ll be notified the instant someone prays for it. Knowing when people are praying is a powerful encourager.

When a prayer is answered you can update your request and encourage everyone who prayed, closing the loop, stirring up praise to God and creating a journal of your prayer life with a single tap.

Help build The Prayer App and start a movement of prayer.


For Ministries

Gather prayer requests from projects near and far in real time. See exactly what prayer needs there are across your entire ministry no matter how remote your missionaries are.

Get your supporters so much closer to the world your missionaries and workers are experiencing. Remove long delays from collecting and distributing prayer needs to your supporters, let them know and pray in real time.

For Churches

Keep prayer flowing though your congregation, small groups or leadership team. Always have the prayer needs of your church right in your pocket and see them on the big screen at your prayer meetings.

Use circles to manage who gets informed of what prayer needs. Use the app to develop a more praying and praising church.


Getting it Built

We want to be the best stewards we can be of the resources God blesses us with. Part of doing that is using the best practices of the technology industry for managing projects and developing apps. It’s also why we want to be very clear about where your support will go and to show you the progress we’re making.

  • Excellence

    We passionately believe in excellence. Giving our utmost for His highest.

  • Roadmap

    Starting with iPhone, we are planning for Android, Browser and other versions too, including a full set of API’s.

  • Process

    We build apps using the same development techniques and processes as Google, Amazon, Apple.

  • Usability

    Design is more than picking colours, we’ll be testing and gathering feedback every step of the way.

  • Funding

    This is where you come in. Would this encourage you? Help you pray, help you grow in Christ? Consider donating.

Project Partners


Future Plans

  • Android

  • Browser

  • API's

  • Stats

  • Translations

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Risks and Challenges

There are always unforeseen challenges in developing a complex mobile app of this nature. There are various technologies and services that must come together, testing and feedback cycles that inform the ongoing design and constant changes in software and tools employed.

We’ve used our experience and expertise to give a best estimate for the amount of time and money this part of the project will take, and we are fully committed to seeing the app successfully delivered. Our ministry partners can testify to our record for on-time and on-budget delivery of their projects and we have faith we can deliver.

We know there are other prayer apps out there. Actually, this project began as we tried to solve problems we encountered using these other apps and services. We’ve tried many of these apps and found each lacking ability to share, give feedback, or simply foster a good prayer habit. Much of that learning is in our vision and spec for this app, which we believe will be important and unique.

The Future

We certainly don’t see a single iPhone version as the end of the road. We envision doing for prayer what YouVersion has done for the Bible. There are many platforms and devices in which we want to see this prayer app reach. However, we will carefully evaluate and discern the best strategy and approach to building for each of these, to ensure best possible stewardship of resources and most appropriate deployment of technology.

Android, Web and beyond

We naturally see an Android app as the next phase of development, enabling us to reach a far greater number of people who pray. Our current road map looks to keep each version closely in step with each other. So, any additional funding raised over the given targets will go towards an Android version with the same feature set.

In addition to Android we see a web platform as essential to providing not only additional services but also helping us reach even further and allowing the app to embed functionality to church and ministry websites.

You can download our press release here for a ready to use overview of the project.  We also have a full media pack available with large image screenshots.  For further information and other enquiries please contact us using this form.