OneSheep helps ministries connect people to Jesus, share the Gospel and fulfil their mission by using the power of technology. Be a part of this mission, help shape the future of ministry.

What do we do

Imagine the way you work is radically altered, never to be the same again. Irrevocably changed by a revolution in communication spurred on by technology changing so fast it’s nearly impossible to keep up.

Well that’s exactly what ministries have been facing the last 10 years or more. OneSheep is passionate about helping them retake the advantage and get ahead.

Technology is to mission as the sheepdog is to the shepherd.

Once upon a time…

A ministry aware of sweeping changes technology was making to their work, realised how far behind their methods and means had fallen. They needed to do something different or lose relevance as a ministry.

One day they called OneSheep and began a dialogue in what would become a game changing moment. They partnered with OneSheep who immediately brought insightful and helpful questions.

Important issues, problems and possible solutions were identified, and clear recommendations made.

Because of that, OneSheep were able to craft a well-defined project with clear outcomes, which they went on to develop and deliver with excellence.

The ministry became quickly empowered with appropriate technology solutions, their people coached, and the project professionally managed.

In the end the ministry would look back on a successful, well implemented solution that had positively impacted their project and delivered on their goals.

Praying for our work

We believe in prayer – that God responds to the prayers of His children, so we deeply value your prayers for our work. ‘Prayer is exhaling the spirit of man and inhaling the spirit of God’ wrote Edwin Keith, and each time you stop to pray for our work, the Holy Spirit works to keep us close to fulfilling the work our heavenly Father has in mind. Thank you.

The Prayer App funding

We’d love to get the iOS version finished and available. Then we can get proper user feedback, adjust, prepare for and deliver all the powerful extras coming in the APIs and browser-based tools, and then get the Android version done too.

Ask the Lord to bring us funders and supporters who will enable this by providing adequate funding. This project needs to become better funded to make faster progress.

Technical Architecture

Ask God to help Jannie and Sam as they work to fully define the underlying technical architecture for The Prayer App. Getting this done right is mission critical for a professional piece of work that can scale from hundreds to thousand to millions of potential users, in multiple languages.


We love and believe in partnering with others for the Gospel. Pray for recent new partners: unfoldingWord, the One Friday project from St. John’s College at Durham University, and the Forum of Christian Leaders.

Ask God to bring us together with more organisations who need technical partners to help them keep up with the pace of change. Pray for Mark as he seeks to make new connections and to find new ministry supporters.

Bible Translation

OneSheep is involved with the User Experience and design aspects of the translationStation project, an ambitious project aiming to speed up translation for more than 7,000 languages which still do not have the Bible in their language, and making them all available by 2025. We are a small part of the whole, but we are thankful to God for opportunity to contribute towards making all the Bible available to every person, in their own heart language.

Pray for our contribution to this intensely meaningful project, and pray also for unfoldingWord, who own and manage this project.

The GRMS engagement system

The GRMS partnership is a collective of ministries working to reach muslims for Christ in the Middle East and in North Africa.

Their engagement system and process called GRMS is in need of some catching up with how people in these regions want to be contacted via instant messaging and mobile devices, and some improvements and efficiencies need to be made. We are helping with the technical needs.

Pray for Holy Spirit inspired teamwork, for great progress to be made by the end of September. Pray for our work in helping them make this happen.

Giving to OneSheep

OneSheep relies on the financial giving of faithful supporters. Your gifts of any size enable us to focus upon delivering great ministry solutions rather than raising personal support. If you believe in our calling to help ministries connect people to Jesus, share the Gospel and fulfil their mission by using the power of technology, please support us as generously as you can.

Give Regularly

Enable us to continue serving ministries

Support a project

Make an allocated gift to a key project

Grant or One Off Gift

Make a strategic gift that helps us serve many

Gift Tools or Services

Give equipment, services or even Air Miles!

Serving with OneSheep

Using your technical or design or coding skills to the glory of God can be a thrilling way to serve the Lord. We often have opportunities to become volunteers on a project we are working on. If you have a few hours a week or month that you think might be a great way to add value to the ministry of OneSheep, get in touch and have a conversation with us.

Code Kingdom Tools

Reach people with the Gospel using your coding skills.

Test for perfection

Help us refine everything we deliver

Design beautiful apps

Craft engaging ways to share the Gospel

Connect & Promote

Help connect OneSheep to key ministries and influencers

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